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The Open Identity Network (OIN)

Open Identity Network is is the name of the open user-centric identity infrastructure including all software components, services, and related interconnects to the internet, user systems, and enterprise systems. The Open Identity Network is based on a core framework consisting of the open source software project called the Higgins Project ( that is developing an extensible, platform-independent, identity protocol-independent, software framework to support and bridge existing and new applications to give users more convenience, privacy, and control over their identity information. It also includes all of the interfaces, existing identity applications, plug-ins, etc. used to create a common identity infrastructure. It will make all existing identity applications and systems that connect to the Open Identity Network more valuable.

To learn more about the technology and architects behind the Higgins-based Open Identity Network, visit:

To learn more about the formation of the Consortium for the Open Identity Network, please contact Charles Andres at Parity Inc. 781 559 4223 or email

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