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OHF Using XDS.b

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About XDS.b

XDS.b is a profile proposed and accepted for trial implementation in the 2007-2008 IHE profile cycle. The primary purpose of the profile is to take the existing XDS specification and make it more consistent with existing and emerging Web service standards.

To read the trial implementation of the XDS.b profile, please see the IHE XDS.b Supplement

The previous XDS profile has been renamed to XDS.a.

XDS.b and OHF

The version of OHF for use at the 2007-2008 IHE Connectathon supports the XDS.b Document Consumer and the XDS.b Document Source in addition to the existing support for XDS.a Document Consumer and Source.

XDS.b Document Consumer

The OHF XDS.b Document Consumer implements two transactions: Registry Stored Query and Retrieve Document Set. The Stored Query transaction is semantically identical to the XDS.a Registry Stored Query transaction. The Retrieve Document Set transaction is new.

XDS.b Document Consumer API

The XDS.b Document Consumer API is controlled by the class org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.consumer.B_Consumer.

Registry Stored Query

Retrieve Document Set Due to the nature of the XDS.b profile, a new transaction Retrieve Document Set has been created. The API is as follows:

XDSResponseType org.eclipse.ohf.ihe.xds.consumer.B_Consumer.retrieveDocumentSet(RetrieveDocumentSetRequestType,List);

The RetrieveDocumentSetRequestType is an EMF-generated structure that represents a request for a document set in XDS.b. It contains a list of requests with each request containing minimally a repositoryUniqueId and a documentUniqueId.

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