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How do I submit bugs to OHF?

See Submit Bugs to OHF wiki page


IHE Plugins

OHF Bridge

I'm having problems installing the bridge, what's going on?

The bridge documentations are not updated since the first beta. The bridge will be finalized close to the IHE Connectathon 2007 so we hope to have a version out soon afterwards. In the meantime we encourage everyone to use the online version. The extra benefits are that we update the bridge frequently with bug fixed and enhancements, less time for you to do installations.

Ok, I want to use the bridge. What now?

Until we'll have all the documents ready, the best thing to do is to browse the WSDL, and to send an email to eishays{at}us{.}ibm{dot}com. I'll have a 30 min chat with you and make sure you can do oat least one transaction my your own. We managed to have applications working with the bridge in less then an our.

OHF Viewer

Is the OHF Viewer/Portal open source too?

Yes, a demo is available online.

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