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OHF Bridge Public Demo

The IBM Almaden Research Center provides a public demo of the OHF Bridge Web service component for use with integration testing. The demo uses IBM's publicly available IHE-compliant infrastructure to perform queries and store/retrieve documents. Click here for more information about the OHF Bridge.

Using the Demo

The SOAP endpoint for the OHF Bridge public demonstration is located at:

The WSDL for the Web service can be access by appending a "?wsdl" to the URL listed above:

Any SOAP 1.1 or 1.2-compliant client that supports RPC-style transactions can access the Web service. For more information about using the OHF Bridge, see the using the Bridge and a discussion of the OHF Bridge API.

Configured RHIOs

The IBM Public Demo contains a list of pre-configured servers, mainly supported by IBM's IHII infrastructure and the NIST XDS registry/repository. To retrieve the list of configured RHIOs, use the GetRhios Bridge operation.

PHP Client Demo

An unsupported, proof-of-concept PHP client using the OHF Bridge Web service for viewing of patient data is also available.

Enter any username/password. It will present you with a list of configured RHIOs that you can select from. The source for the PHP client is in the [ org.eclipse.ohf.bridge.client] package in CVS.

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