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OHF Bridge PHP Sample Client

Installation pre-requisits

Make sure you install the PHP engine in Apache, you may also use one of the LAMP or WAMP installations.

Required PHP PEAR Libraries

Note that there is a problem with this PHP version pear. To fix it fetch a recent go-pear.php here, save it as C:\PHP\PEAR\go-pear.php and run again go-pear.bat.

To install the PEARs, go the PHP installation directory and run something like:

pear install XML_Parser 

The PEARs you need are:

  • SOAP-0.9.4
  • XML_Parser
  • XML_Util
  • XML_Serializer-0.18.0

If a PEAR claims it needs another PEAR as prerequisites, install it too.

  • Install dBug from this site. Place the dBug.php file in your <your PHP install path>/pear/dBug. I recommend turning the display_errors' to Off in the php.ini since dBug sometimes create error notices.


Oh, nothing really to do here :-)

  • Set the org.eclipse.ohf.bridge.client as the root directory of the Apache server
  • Open the org.eclipse.ohf.bridge.client/conf/client_conf.php
    • Edit the OHF_SERVICE_URL definition to point to the OHF Bridge Web service endpoint
  • Done!

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