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OHF Bridge FAQ

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What do all these acronyms mean?

We are putting together a glossary of terms used in the OHF project. This glossary can be found here.

I did not find the answer to my question here, now what?

You can also try the OHF FAQ, and see if there is more information there that can help you. For additional questions, please post to the OHF Newsgroup.


Where can I find more information on Connectathon 2008?

The IHE 2008 North American Connectathon will be held in Chicago, IL January 28 - February 1, 2008. The following are important links/lists for Connectathon 2008:

Where can I find more information about what happened in Connectathon 2007?

The IHE 2007 North America Connectathon was held in Chicago, IL January 14-19, 2007. The following are important links/lists for Connectathon 2007:

  • The Connectathon 2007 Event Site
  • KUDU the Connectathon 2007 Test Management and Information site
  • The official mailing list is (to subscribe to the list send a mail to
  • OHF Connectathon 2007 Page containing Connectathon testing information for OHF supported IHE Actors and Profiles

Installation and Use

I'm having problems installing the bridge, what's going on?

The bridge documentations are not updated since the first beta. The bridge will be finalized close to the IHE Connectathon 2007 so we hope to have a version out soon afterwards. In the meantime we encourage everyone to use the online version. The extra benefits are that we update the bridge frequently with bug fixed and enhancements, less time for you to do installations.

How do I use OHF to execute XDS.b Transactions?

Soon, we hope this documentation will be up to date in our .pdf user guides. Until this time we have begun to accumulate this information on the following site:

OHF Viewer

Is the OHF Viewer/Portal open source too?

Yes, a demo is available online.

Do you really think physicians will use it?!?

It wasn't supposed to be something physicians will use. It will never be enhanced to be a full EMR/EHR application.

So why did you do it?

  • As a proof of concept
  • Helping developers who wants to see how an application might use the bridge.
  • Letting developers take code and use it as sample code.
  • You can use the bridge as a simple UI to the interoperability back end, upload, search, and download documents and patient identity.
  • To test the bridge.

The Viewer shows a list of RHIO configurations, is it something configured in the Viewer?

No, the only thing the Viewer is configured to is the URL to the bridge (the WSDL actually).

The RHIO configuration is done in the bridge and accessible by the "GetRhios" SOAP call.

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