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OCL/New and Noteworthy/Neon

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Eclipse OCL New and Noteworthy items for the Neon 6.1.0 release.

Release Overview

Milestone 1

Code Generation

  • 471118 _ no longer used as an identifier (avoiding Java 8 deprecation)
  • 471948 Custom messages are supported again in code generated validations
  • 474307 EList returns no longer inhibit Ecore Editor delete commands


  • 469967 Concurrent editor no longer leads to a stuck /* Please Wait */
  • 471785 Problem in imported files no longer shown at local lines
  • 473249 Unresolved references due to stale Complete OCL context fixed


  • 473632 CollectionRange to a more negative last no longer includes first

Pivot UML

  • 470805 Operations are no longer ignored for UML DataTypes
  • 472261 Constraints may be specified for Signals
  • 472469 UML DataType generals treated as superclasses
  • 474085 Stereotypes are no longer ignored in the Xtext OCL Console

Milestone 2


  • 476438 *.oclas no longer requires explicit registration for standalone usage
  • 477283 Complete OCL references to subpackages no longer fail

Pivot UML

  • 476463 Post-Mars regression preventing use of OCL editor in Papyrus fixed
  • 476662 InstanceSpecification EnumerationLiteral properties no longer malfunction
  • 476769 OCLforUML::Validation at last controls Papyrus InstanceSpecification validation
  • 478416 Non-OCL Constraints are now tolerated

Milestone 3


  • 479405 Names using special sequences such as :: may now be used.
  • 480018 DataTypes no longer convert to their behavioral type prematurely.
  • 480635 EnumLiterals may now have annotations.

Milestone 4

Many fixes relate to support for auto-generation in conjunction with the QVTd project.


  • 480567 oclContainer/oclContents library properties added
  • 482264 silent syntax errors in profiles diagnosed
  • 482788 iterator variable names can now use arbitrary characters

Milestone 5

Pivot UML

  • 485225 allInstances() now works for Stereotypes
  • 485586 OCL parsing no longer fails for too simple UML models

Milestone 6

Milestone 7






Eclipse OCL New and Noteworthy items for the Neon 6.1.1 SR1 release.


Eclipse OCL New and Noteworthy items for the Neon 6.1.2 SR2 release.

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