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OCL/Dev/Releng/P2 Repositories Organization


This section describes the P2 repositories which are provided by the Eclipse OCL project.

Releases Repositories

The Eclipse OCL Releases repositories provide the Eclipse OCL project releases at the end of each development cycle.

Latest Release Repository

All Releases Repository

Note that when browsing P2 categories, the OCL project title has evolved making browing all releases a bit confusing. The most recent releases are titled just "OCL" without a version so that when integrated with other projects, only one OCL is shown when a single version is requested.

Specific Release Repositories

Beware, archived repos retain the original non-archive mirror declaration. This causes a problem when building with Tycho. Pending a fix to Tycho Bug 560989 it may be necessary to use -Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors=true as recommended in OCL Bug 560941.

Milestones Repository

The Eclipse OCL Milestones repositories provide the most recent stable builds during the current development cycle.

Latest Milestone Repository

All Milestones Repository

Specific Milestone Repositories

Interim/Integration Repositories

The Eclipse OCL Interim repositories provide the recent significant builds suitable for integration during the current development cycle.

Since interim builds occur between milestones, a better build may be available in the milestones repository. Users are recommended to specify both repositories when using interim builds.

Latest Interim Repository

All Interims Repository

Specific Interim Repositories

Nightly Repositories

The Eclipse OCL Nightly repositories provide the recent builds triggered by GIT commits during the current development cycle. Nightly builds are also triggered every Sunday morning to check compatibility with other projects.

Latest Nightly Repository

All Nightlies Repository

Specific Nightly Repositories

Deprecated Repositories

Deletion pending ...

where you may still find old Eclipse OCL releases. Since Helios, the Eclipse OCL project creates independent P2 repositories.

Already deleted ...

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