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OAW Screencasts

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Getting started

Hello world (20:21) Walks you through the sample that comes with openArchitectureWare (the Create Simple Generator Project in the New openArchitectureWare Project wizard) and explains the very basics of openArchitectureWare


Overview (10:14) Provides an overview over the basic features of the comprehensive example.
Metamodels (8:04) How to build meta models using oAW's uml2ecore utility
Constraints (8:30) Writing constraints and evaulating them as part of workflows.
Code generation (18:56) This looks at basic code generation: templates, extensions and workflow files.


Model modifications (18:56) Model modifications are in place modifications of existing models using oAW's Xtend language.
Recipes (10:19) This video explains the use and implementation of recipes; they are used to manage the integration of generated and manually-written code.
Debugging (05:43) oAW comes with a debugger for workflows, templates and transformations. This video shows how to use it.
UML, M2M, Cascading (14:40) How to generate code from UML2 models, how to write model-to-model transformations and the purpose of cascading.
AOP (10:29) How to the AO feature of openArchitectureWare to advise existing templates, transformations and workflows.

PLE (Product Line Engineering)

Textuals DSLs (Domain Specific Languages)

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