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This page describes the Higgins NodeRelationDatatype.


Two kinds of NodeIdDatatypes are defined: a URI-NodeIdDatatype (Hash URI) and XRI-NodeIdDatatype. The former is consistent with one of the two proposed W3C's Cool URIs approaches. The latter is an XRI as defined by XRI Syntax 2.0.


The following ABNF defines a Higgins NodeIdDatatype. Rules not defined in this ABNF are defined in the ABNF for XRI 2.0 (which includes the IRI ABNF from RFC 3987).

NodeIdDatatype     = URI-NodeIdDatatype / XRI-NodeIdDatatype
URI-NodeIdDatatype = URI-ContextIdDatatype [ "#" NodeIdDatatype ]
XRI-NodeIdDatatype = XRI-ContextIdDatatype [ "//" NodeIdDatatype ]

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