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Newsreader/Salvo UI Integration in the workbench/Work done during May 18 to May 24

In this time period I started working on “Enable a way for people to create an eclipse user id within the workbench”.

For the requirement, I tried to use the Bugzilla Web Service API [1] to access the Eclipse Bugzilla using Apache XML-RPC.

But I had some issues with that approach.

I got the following error all the time.

    Failed to parse server's response: The declaration for the entity "HTML.Version" must end with '>'

I used as the server URL for accessing eclipse bugzilla.

But for the Mozilla Bugzilla I got success by using the same mechanism.

While investigating further I found a bug which may relevant to this issue [2].

I stated a discussion in the ECF developer mailing list regarding this matter.

I went through the mylyn source to find how they are accessing the eclipse bugzilla. They seems to be using the same XML-RPC technology but the they are not using the server URL.

My mentor updated the bug [2] to get some reply on the current situation of it.

For now we decided to skip this feature and continue with other features.



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