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Newsreader/Salvo UI Integration in the workbench/Work done during July 7 to July 13

I continued the implementation of News Digest View.

Last week I implemented a very basic view for the digest view. In this week I improved the functionality of it.

In the ealier implementation the TreeViewer showed duplicate items for some articles. Those duplicates were removed.

Viewing the articles in a single thread is improved.

Fixed several other bugs in the earlier implementation.

Modified digest view label provider with getNiceDate() function.

I did some research to find how to display a notification in eclipse.

According to my research, for displaying a popup desktop notification, still there is no proper API in the platform UI.

But there is an excellent notification mechanism in the mylyn [1],[2]. There were discussions on moving that mylyns' popup notification API to platform UI [3]. But seems like it is not completed yet.

So to reuse the mylyn notification mechanism we have to add org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.ui bundle as a dependency. In the discussion [3] Steffen Pingel (from mylyn) has encouraged other projects to reuse their notification API in that way.

I tested a simple plugin to display notifications using org.eclipse.mylyn.commons.ui bundle.




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