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Newsreader/Salvo UI Integration in the workbench/Work done during July 14 to July 20

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I got passed from the mid term evaluation.

My mentor Wim Jongman and co-mentor Harshana gave me a good guidance and a support.

Thank you very much.

I continued the implementation of News Digest View.

I did some modifications in the layouts of the digest view.

To show the most recent article on top in the digest view, I introdroduced two new methods.

1. orderArticlesFromNewestFirst() - Order articles from the newest first

2. getLastReplyArticleNumber() - Get the articleNumber of last reply of the thread

I placed those two methods in the ServerStoreFacade.

The current Article panel editor already gets the articles in the correct order. But for the digest view it is required to order the articles manually. The reason may be we are taking out articles from the store randomly rather than a sequential order.

Now I am working on implementing a way to synchronize store with the server automatically.

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