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==Where to get sources==
==Where to get sources==
Salvo is hosted at CVS server at []
Salvo is hosted at []
Anonymous CVS info:

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Where to get sources

Salvo is hosted at

Modules/Projects newsreader/bundles

The newsreader project

Here is the RCP application of the newsreader project. Remember, it is still Beta software. You can read, reply an post. Windows, Mac and Linux.

Known issues

  • The article view tree does not render well on all platforms.
  • Switch off secure storage in the preferences for linux.
  • Do not yank down the thumb slider all away to the bottom for large newsgroups. This causes Salvo to read all articles and that takes long.
  • No links in text
  • No attachments

New and Notable


  • stability
  • Derby store implementation
  • Decoupled store implementation through OSGi services(activate the correct plugin in configurations/config.ini to get your favorite store implementation)
  • Started with ECF container implementation

Download RCP

All Platforms


Unpack the zip and run the Salvo executable. Add a news server, add newsgroups then doubleclick a newsgroup to read its messages. It is pretty simple but here is a three.three minute instruction without audio. Send me a mail on my gmail or tweet me at twitter if you download this. You can send bug reports and feature requests also to one of these addresses.


The code has a pluggable server and persistance implementation. The reference persistance impl uses the local file system and stuff is stored in a .salvo directory in your home directory.

Plan V2

Project Proposal


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