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New and Noteworthy

Stardust 4.0.0

  • Engine Error Code Message Enhancements
  • Document centric Access Control Evaluation
  • Newly introduced Properties

Engine Error Code Message Enhancements

Engine Error Code messages have been enhanced with more details like offering access to variables in their context.

Document centric Access Control Evaluation

This release introduces document centric access control evaluation. In case access control has been set for files individually, access control is now evaluated separately without folder hierarchy inheritance. Please refer to chapter Controlling User Access of the End User Handbook for details.

Newly introduced Properties

The following properties have been introduced with this release:

  • Stardust.Engine.Data.WriteHistoricalDataToDb - determines if to write historical data to the AuditTrail database
  • Carnot.Engine.Tuning.Query.HistoricalDataPrefetchBatchSize - determines the prefetch batch size for the historical data

Please refer to chapter Server Side Properties for details on these properties.

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