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New Downloads Page

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Here is the basic content of the new download page:

Higgins 1.0

  • table as below

Higgins 1.1

  • demo VirtualBox Linux image of a selector, and IdP, and some RP (and all source code) [ideally this would be updated every milestone]
  • 1.1M7 Table: Solutions
    • Section: Higgins Selector
      • Row: AIR Selector 1.1-Win PSF <auto-built-download-page> MAN-BLD-LED INT-LED MAN-REG-TEST-LED <owner>
      • Row: AIR Selector 1.1-Mac PSF <auto-built-download-page> MAN-BLD-LED INT-LED MAN-REG-TEST-LED <owner>
    • Section: Identity Services
      • Row: etc.
    • Section: Attribute Services
      • Row: etc.
  • Components 1.0 - link to a .php page (not a wiki page): only components that are part of one of the above solutions (not old 1.0 components)


  • PSF - a link to a PSF with every eclipse project needed to build and run the solution
  • MAN-BLD-LED - a RED/GRN LED that indicates if this solution can be manually built from scratch from instructions on the wiki page for this solution (using the PSF)
  • MAN-REG-TEST-LED - pass/fail LED on manual regression test (listed on solutions wiki page)
  • INT-LED - is this solution internationalized

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