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Nebula CheckboxGroup

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CheckBoxGroup1.png CheckBoxGroup2.png

This widget with a checkbox. When one clicks on the checkbox, the whole content of the group is deactivated.


This widget is divided in 2 parts :

  • The checkbox that activates/deactivates the content
    • You can set/get the text and the font of the checkbox (by calling the methods setText() and setFont()
    • You can get the value of the selection by using the getter
      boolean isActivated()
    • You can set the state of this checkbox (and thus enable or disable the content of the group) by using the methods
  • The content, which is a Composite, is accessible with the getter
    • Use this composite to store elements


An example called SnippetCheckBoxGroup is available in the plug_in org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.opal.checkboxgroup.snippets.

This example is also available here :

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