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Mylyn/SOC/A Wiki Integrated Task Editor

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Student: Jingwen Ou

Mentor(s): Steffen Pingel


WikiText is a new component of Mylyn, supporting lightweight markup for its task editor. The goal is to provide Mylyn’s task editor with rich text viewing and editing of lightweight markup such as Textile and MediaWiki. Detailed proposal is available here.

This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008.


Here is a complete list of the milestones and release dates.

bug 233819 is the root bug for this project. The following is a list of selected bugs. A complete list is available here.

Milestone Date Planned items Related bugs
M1 June 8, 2008 Textile-J integration bug 234210
M2 June 29, 2008 rich text integration bug 235222, bug 237131. bug 237504, bug 203670, bug 194269, bug 236962, bug 241167, bug 213131, bug 219939, bug 236962
M3 July 13, 2008 drop & drag of the source element to the task editor bug 237831, bug 237974, bug 239087
M4 July 27, 2008 configuration setting of the rich text editor bug 237500, bug 237678, bug 235439
M5 August 18, 2008 structure outline, code format & spell checking bug 242977
RC1 Auguest 10, 2008 related bugs, performance improvement bug 238038, bug 116487, bug 203670, bug 239087, bug 237831, bug 134165
RC2 August 15, 2008 documentation
Pencils down August 18, 2008 final evaluations  

Getting the source

Here is the team project set to get all the source code. New features will be shipped with Mylyn 3.1 in December. Stay tuned...

WikiText "Trailers"

All available features will be listed here.

Screen shot of Mylyn's Bugzilla task editor with wiki styles: Developers can organize their comments and bug descriptions in a wiki way. WYSIWYG is not a dream anymore in Mylyn's task editor.

WikiText preview.PNG

Rich Text Editing

New comments can now be typed in a WYSIWYG way. The formatting will appear as typing goes and be rendered with a stylesheet.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/tasks-unsubmitted.png">

Rich Text Viewing

New comments can be previewed before posting. Comments are viewed in rich text formatting.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/new-task-from-marker.png">

Content Assist

Users don’t have to remember any dialects' syntax.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/new-task-from-marker.png">

Dialects Switching

Use your favorite dialects in current repository.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/new-task-from-marker.png">

New Comment Textarea Maximization

Press to maximize the Textarea.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/new-task-from-marker.png">

Support of Drop & Drag (Beta)

Drop any source elements to the task editor instead of typing the long names.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/new-task-from-marker.png">

Dynamic Comment Groupings(Beta)

Put all the comments after your last comment in the "Current" group and always expand the group for you.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/new-task-from-marker.png">

Task Editor Finding(Beta)

Find & highlight the keywords instead of looking for information by eyes.

<img border="0" src="images/3.0/new-task-from-marker.png">

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