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Mylyn/SOC/A Wiki Integrated Task Editor

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Student: Jingwen Ou

Mentor(s): Steffen Pingel


This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2008. It is formally renamed as WikiText.

The goal is to extend Mylyn’s task editor to provide generic wiki integration, supporting offline rich text editing with syntax highlight, auto-complete, structure outline and rich text preview. The basic mechanism is a source code parser that renders wiki syntax into HTML. Inputted with wiki code and an URL of the wiki system, the parser elegantly translates them into HTML before they are posted to the issue tracking systems. When displayed, any internal links of the bug reports will be directed to correspondent wiki systems.

Detailed proposal is available here:


Considering the size of this project, it will be separated into several milestones. Detail workloads are as followed:

MUST: bug 234210 Textile-J integration [50 hours]

MUST: bug 235222 Wiki text preview [20-30 hours]

MUST: Structure outline [20 hours]

MUST: Syntax highlights [30 hours]

HIGH: Auto-complete [40 hours]

LOW: Code format [20 hours]

LOW: Spell checking [20 hours]

Projected time to meet goals:

MUST: 110-120 hours

HIGH: 40 hours

MID: 30 hours

LOW: 40 hours

Expected time commitment available: 200 hours, from May 26 - August 15 (preparation hours not included).


Here is a complete list of the milestones and release dates. Considering the status of Mylyn's ongoing refactoring, the date is subject to change.

Milestone Deadline Planned items Related bugs
M1 June 8 Textile-J integration | bug 234210
M2 June 29 Rich text integration | bug 235222, bug 237131. bug 237504, bug 203670, bug 194269
M3 July 13 drop & drag of the source element to the task editor | bug 237831, bug 237974
M4 July 27 configuration setting of the rich text editor | bug 237500, bug 237678, bug 235439
M5 August 4 Structure outline, code format & spell checking | this item is subject to cancel
RC1 August 10 critical bugs, performance improvement | bug 238038
RC2 August 15 documentation
Pencils down August 15 -

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