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  • Persistence
    • Provide a generic API for storing task attributes
  • Configuration extraction
  • Presenation api


Task Data

ITaskDataManager {
  TaskDataState getTaskData(String repositoryUrl, String id);
  void saveOldTaskData(RepositoryTaskData data);
  void saveNewTaskData(RepositoryTaskData data);
  void saveEdits(String repositoryUrl, String id, Set<RepositoryTaskAttributes> changedAttributes);
  void discardEdits(String repositoryUrl, String id);
  void refactorRepositoryUrl(String oldUrl, String newUrl);
  void removeTaskData(String repositoryUrl, String id);
  void saveNewUnsubmittedTaskData(RepositoryTaskData newUnsubmittedTaskData);
  Set<TaskDataState> getNewUnsubmittedTaskData(String repositoryUrl);
TaskDataState {
   RepositoryTaskData newTaskData;
   RepositoryTaskData oldTaskData;
   Set<RepositoryTaskAttribute> edits;

Task Attributes

RepositoryTaskAttribute {
 boolean isModified()
 boolean hasIncomingChanges()
 void write(IMemento)
 void read(IMemento)

Mylar Task Model

Make this model explicit and define it in terms of Java classes. Accessor methods should mirror fields available on AbstractRepositoryTask. This could be separate from the offline storage so connectors without a TaskDataHandler could provide attachment support.

RepositoryTaskData {
 boolean isNew
 String description
 String summary
 String newComment
 String[] cc
 String[] addCC
 String[] removeCC
RepositoryTaskComment {
 String author
 Date created
RepositoryTaskAttachment {
 String filename
 String description
RepositoryTaskOperation {


Connectors provide a factory for UI representation of attributes:

AbstractConnectorUi {
 abstract ITaskUiFactory getTaskUiFactory()
ITaskUiFactory {
 String getLabel(RepositoryTaskAttribute attr)
 Control createEditor(RepositoryTaskAttribute attr, Composite parent)
 String getToolTip(RepositoryTaskAttribute attr)

Mylar provides default implementations to create an editor for an attribute:

MylarEditorFactory {
 Control createComboEditor(RepositoryTaskAttribute attr, Composite parent, String[] options);

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