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This is a very early draft and not yet ready for comment. Supported platforms:

  • Eclipse 3.3: Mylar 2.0 and future Mylar releases
  • Eclipse 3.2: Mylar 2.0 will be the final Mylar release to support 3.2

The goal is to release Mylar 2.0 with Eclipse 3.3/Europa in late June 2007. Also see:


  1. API & Tasks Framework
  2. Task List and Task editor UI
  3. Context model and Focused UI
  4. Connectors


  • All bugs tagged [api]

Task management

  • 152490: support due dates
  • 167330: [preferences] allow default estimated time to be set for local tasks
  • 165807: Scheduled for information on popup is inconsistent with schedule menu
  • 168001: Task history toolbar button missing previous task
  • 147084: merge Task List and Task Activity views
  • 137543: [discussion] task list support for subtasks
  • support long-running/recurring tasks

Task creation

  • 154896: Allow to quickly create new tasks skipping New... wizard
  • 152211: allow local tasks to be promoted to repository tasks

Task editing

  • 164041: Hyperlink detector for Java class names
  • 166614: New task editors should not be closed on task deactivation
  • 166305: Add the ability to discard pending upstream changes
  • 121337: add compensation/adjustment to elapsed time
  • 165859: Outline view for Task editor should include all editor tabs

Web integration

  • 167021: Task with "Web link" filled should open "planning"
  • 135607: Browser tab in all task editors should always have location and progress indicator


  • 165809: allow a repository to be put into offline mode
  • 165833: improve support for long task synchronizations
  • 149607: Request repository credentials when they aren't set for repository]
  • 12431: explore making local tasks be a repository


  • 164243: migrate missing elements via refactoring history
  • 111107: improve usability and scope of dynamic working set for search


  • 169449: [working sets] Store and retrieve working set usage in active context


  • 160780: Integrate "close" issue action to support dev workflow


  • 163537: Use Eclipse Activities (Capabilities) to switch Mylar on/off
  • 167362: move httpclient dependency to Orbit
  • build process
  • 167050: Optimize Mylar update sites
  • 166733: Mylar update site should link to companion update sites

UI Finessing

  • 143577: alt-click to expose filtered queries/categories in tasklist
  • 163450: Tab title decoration for Task List view
  • 166990: [multi monitor] if Eclipse is on secondary monitor to left of primary task list tooltips show on primary
  • 166644: Activating task should restore multiple editor configuration
  • 150682: Context attachment needs progress indication with cancellation or to run in background
  • 159318: [ui] retrieve context action is not available in the attachments popup menu
  • 166621: Include a "Add Attachment" action on task context menu
  • 158405: Add sort indicators to the Task List table view


  • 166399: allow contributions to the UI legend
  • 162610: automatically toggle folding of Javadoc comments
  • 161877: make searching for duplicates more encouraged and more flexible
  • 166835: jira queries fails to import when disconnected

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