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Mylyn/OSLC Connectors

The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an open (creative commons) REST based service specification aimed at improving/simplifying Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system integration.

A number of aspects of ALM integration are covered by OSLC ranging from Requirements Management to Automation(Build/Deploy). The OSLC Change Management (CM) spec outlines a standard for creating, modifying, and querying for change requests (tasks) from OSLC based service providers. A goal of the Mylyn project is to implement a client for OSLC-CM (see [1]). Additionally, support for both OSLC Automation and OSLC SCM are part of the Mylyn restructuring proposal:

Once these plans have solidified, we can begin to fill out the roadmaps for each specification.

Mylyn OSLC Change Management

We have started implementing an OSLC Change Management (CM) v1.0 capable client. The source can be found in cvs HEAD under two projects:


OSLC-CM v1 Progress

  • Authentication [DONE - HTTP BASIC]
  • Service Discovery [DONE, core functionality with ui available]
  • Query Support [DONE]
  • Resource retrieval [INPROGRESS]
  • Resource Modification [INPROGRESS]
  • Resource Creation [DONE] bug#306604
  • Resource Deletion [PLANNED]

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