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Mylyn/JIRA Connector

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2006-10-13 Planning Session

Open task in Bugzilla

JIRA web service API needs

  • Service to get RPC api version (need to call this before calling anything else) - could be added to the existing getServerInfo service
    • We actually need to support RPC plugin versions, not Jira versions. Currently we just guess the rpc version based on the Jira version
  • Adding and removing attachments.
    • Attachment names/ids should be present on the issue object
  • Retrieving and adding votes.
    • Number of votes and whether or not the current user has voted should be present on the issue object
  • Watching (CC) status of the issue given the current user (should be present on the issue)
  • Watch/unwatch an issue during an update by setting/unsetting the watched flag on the issue (allows us to reassign an issue, but continue to watch it with one call)
  • Retrieving workflow actions and submitting the corresponding operations (based on an issue type, project and current status)
  • Retrieving screen layouts given issue type, project and action (for editing custom fields on workflow transition)
  • Submitting query/filter and only getting keys back (not issues+comments).
  • Service to get issue summaries (everything but the comments) given a set of issue keys (for populating search results page at a time)
  • Service to get all server configuration at once (Projects/Components/Versions)
  • Service to get server "customization" settings (is voting enabled, attachments allowed, etc...) - currently admin only
  • This is needed to disable operations that are not enabled on the server
  • Service to get all 'meta' information at once (issue types, issue statuses, ProjectCategory, etc) - any configurable objects that apply across projects
  • Project object should say what category it belongs to (if any)
  • Service to search for issues - model this after the core services search method? ie. object based query
    • Allow searching by voting and watch status (I don't think these are currently stored in the GenericValue object, so aren't indexed by Lucene)
    • Allow searches to be saved as named queries
  • Service to search for users - like the issue search, just return IDs and let the caller get the details
  • Service to search for groups
  • Service to get wiki macro details (for rick text editing)
    • Is it a block macro
    • Does it have parameters, if so, what values are possible
  • Custom fields should be available on the Issue object
  • Issue links should be available on the Issue object
  • Service to add/remove issue links (could be done while saving the issue if they are present on that object)
  • Provide all services in wrapped doc/literal format to be WS-I compliant. Some toolkits such as XFire only support Doc/Literal web services

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