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Mylyn/Contribution Ideas

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Feel free to add your idea or elaborate on an existing one. This listing is intended for prospective contributors, Google Summer of Code students, and others interesting in becoming part of the Mylyn developer community.


  • Provide lightweight workflow actions (e.g. trigger a commit when a bug is closed). This involves adding workflow support to the Tasks framework and implementing task editor actions for for workflow (e.g. check-box for performing commit, action for running task context tests). Query current wofklow bugs
  • Implement local search for the Task List: bug 205627
  • Add a buddy list to ease task assignments and CCs: bug 152415
  • Improve duplicate detection mechanism and heuristics: bug 161877
  • Provide wiki integration. This involves providing mechanisms for rich editing and viewing of task repository comments in wiki format, potentially adding wiki editing.
  • Improve the new user's experiece. This could involve creating a welcome page, cheat sheets, and streamlining the process of going from installing Mylyn to having a task repository.
  • Create a certificate manager for Mylyn (similar to FireFox's certificate manager).
  • Relate smaller granularity of program elements to tasks, e.g. fields, methods. The basic idea is to extend the coverage of Mylyn's program element to fields or methods or lines. The motivation is to lessen the pain of scrolling back and forth in a "long" class which has thousands of lines (e.g. 3500+ lines in AbstractRepositoryTaskEditor from Mylyn). Existing clumsy solutions are either to press "go back to the last location" or bookmark the location for next time use. In this project, we can try assigning each line of code an interest level based on the Mylyn DOI and then filtering out lines that are less interesting. Hopefully that will reduce the "distance" need to be scrolled to move between different locations. - Reporter: Jingwen 'Owen' Ou, The University of British Columbia
  • Using dynamic traces to predict program elements related to tasks. - Reporter: Jingwen 'Owen' Ou, The University of British Columbia
  • Heuristics for code navigation using the Amazon-like model, e.g. indicated from the repository history, programmers who navigate this methods also navigate those methods. - Reporter: Jingwen 'Owen' Ou, The University of British Columbia



Structure bridges connect Mylyn's task context model and task-focused UI to domain-specific tools and artifacts. Note that some bridge implementations fall out of the scope of the Mylyn project itself and should reside in the projects that they integrate with. For documentation see: Context API


  • bug 170894: create an example connector project to be used by integrators as a template. This connector should be simple, for example, it could provide integration with a local comma-delimited value (CSV) and/or Maven tasks plug-in format as the task repository.
  • bug 170395: create PDE wizards for automatically generating task repository connectors. These would be similar to the current PDE wizards for creating plug-in projects and may also use cheat sheets to guide developer through the whole process.

Interested Students

Name, University, Ideas

  • Jingwen 'Owen' Ou, The University of British Columbia, wiki integration, dynamic traces and buddy list

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