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Mylyn/Bugzilla Connector

Bugzilla Server Optimization

  • Cached Repository Configuration - This page describs the solution taken by webmasters to reduce the bandwidth requirements due to Mylyn clients updating their repository configuration.

GZIP encoding and content negotiation

The Mylyn Bugzilla Connector has been modified to accept gzip encoding on all requests, and will do content negotiation. See bug 205708.

Preventing excessive logfile fill up

  • When running /bugzilla/ locally, one can prevent Mylyn filling up the log files by adding this to httpd.conf:

<DirectoryMatch /bugzilla/ >
    BrowserMatchNoCase mylyn mylyn=1
CustomLog "/private/var/log/httpd/access_log" combined env=!mylyn


Langugage Configurations

Since Version 2.2 of Mylyn you can now add support for alternate languages via extension point:


Here is an example definition for the English language (en (default)).

 <language name="en"> 
           <languageAttribute command="error_login" 		response="Login"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="error_login" 		response="log in"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="error_login" 		response="check e-mail"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="error_login" 		response="Invalid Username Or Password"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="error_collision" 	response="Mid-air collision!"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="error_comment_required" 	response="Comment Required"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="error_logged_out" 	response="logged out"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="bad_login" 		response="Login"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="bad_login" 		response="log in"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="bad_login" 		response="check e-mail"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="bad_login" 		response="Invalid Username Or Password"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="bad_login" 		response="error"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="processed" 		response="processed"/> 
           <languageAttribute command="changes_submitted" 	response="Changes submitted"/> 

Here is the detail description.

We have the following seven Commands defined in Mylyn:

Command   usage
error_login   to find if there was a problem with login
error_collision   detect a midair collision
error_comment_required   to detect if a comment is required
error_logged_out   detect if the user is logged out
bad_login   detect bad login
processed   process was successful
changes_submitted   changes are submitted

For every Action there must be one or more responses.

Here is and example of where the English responses for a bugzilla-3.0.1 install were found.

File Line Text
/template/en/default/bug/process/header.html.tmpl 37 processed
/template/en/default/bug/process/header.html.tmpl 40 "Mid-air collision!"
template/en/default/global/user-error.html.tmpl 241 "Comment Required"
template/en/default/global/user-error.html.tmpl 816 "Invalid Username"
template/en/default/global/user-error.html.tmpl 822 "Invalid Username Or Password"
template/en/default/bug/process/results.html.tmpl 45 'bug' => "Changes submitted for $link"

Sorry for the other values we must find where the are defined of if it is save to remove them.

More is coming soon.

Developer Resources

Mylyn Offline Refactoring

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