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Mylyn/Bugzilla 5 Connector

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Revision as of 16:00, 12 July 2014 by (Talk | contribs) (1. priority)

This page manages the creation of a Bugzilla 5 connector.

1. priority    436398: fix failing testApplyTo in Bugzilla REST connector          (rebased version for 3.13)

2. Bugzilla REST reviews (the order is important because the have dependencies) 426644: add dummy RepositoryConfiguration to the REST Client 426644: add getFields to RepositoryConfiguration 426644: add Products to RepositoryConfiguration 426644: add Parameters to RepositoryConfiguration 414360: add TaskDataSchema for Task Creation (with UI Part) 414360: add getTask for the new REST API (Bugzilla 5.0) 414360: add create Tasks for the new REST API (Bugzilla 5.0)

only to copy some code into an new review 414360: create minimal UI (creation of TaskRepoitory, Query, EditorPage)

3. additional review useful for the Bugzilla REST (the order is important because the have dependencies) 427698: [Draft] create schema for QueryPage 427698: [Draft] create UI classes for the schema for AbstractRepositoryQueryPage 427698: [Draft] create example for schema for QueryPage

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