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  • org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.core: Task, task list and task repository abstractions. Facilities for synchronizing the task list and managing offline data. Runs headless and standalone.
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.ui: Tasks view and editor framework. Runs in RCP. Entry point: TasksUi.
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.web.core: Web and networking API.


  • org.eclipse.mylyn.context.core: Context model and degree of interest abstractions. Runs headless and standalone. Entry point: ContextCore.
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.context.ui: Interest filters and other facilities for focusing workbench views and editors on context. Runs in RCP. Entry point: ContextUi.


  • org.eclipse.mylyn.monitor.ui: UI framework for monitoring user interactions with the workbench. Can be used independently of Tasks and Context frameworks. Runs in RCP.
  • org.eclipse.mylyn.monitor.usage: User study framework, requires Eclipse Platform.


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