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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2009-10-20

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Time: 10:00AM Eastern

Conference number: North America 1 866-842-3549, Global +800-4444-7070, Ottawa 613-787-5018, Passcode: 1556241

  • International Toll-free number notes
    • Dialing from a cellular network may not work!
    • Passcode is often not recognized. After the third failure, you will be transferred to an operator who will ask for the conference ID (1556241), sponsoring company (IBM) and meeting organizer (Paul Elder).
    • Pressing *0 will bring you directly to an operator.

Expected Attendees

  • Ed Merks
  • Sven Efftinge
  • Paul Elder
  • Cedric Brun
  • Kenn Hussey
  • Frédéric Jouault
  • Anthony Hunter - absent
  • Artem Tikhomirov -absent
  • Wayne Beaton
  • Denis Roy
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Jacques Lescot


  • Modeling Subprojects
    • Too much overhead? Processes too heavy weight?
      • The Modeling PMC is pretty happy with the partitioned/firewalled source code control and with well-scoped project proposals.
      • Mostly there are concerns about simplified access to shared web/releng things. Wayne and Denis will consider how container projects might have combined access to shared areas.
  • Modeling Builds
    • Progress?
      • Xtext and AMP are working with Athena; it's better than the old modeling build.
  • Amalgamation Leadership
    • Who?
      • Only Cedric was present. Need to let this settle for a while longer.
  • Helios Criteria
    • Any concerns with Helios Release Rules? [1]
      • Xtext and MoDisco want to be on the train but want to continue to incubate. Ed will push back on the planning council.
  • AMP
    • Now that AMP [2] has a real presence, we should vote Miles Parker onto the PMC.
      • Everyone agreed
  • The b3 project
    • Everyone was comfortable with it being part of EMFT.

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