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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2007-11-20

Time: 10:00AM Eastern

Conference number: North America 1-866-245-5059, Global 800-4444-1010, Toronto 416-343-2607 Passcode: 1972050

I can can try to dial folks in if they give the full dialing number from Canada to them.


  • Richard Gronback
  • Ed Merks
  • Frederic Jouault
  • Tom Ritter
  • Kenn Hussey
  • Paul Elder
  • Jean Bezivin


  • Ian Skerrett's observations of GMT
    • Logos, links, etc.
  • IP review of all projects
    • Need to verify all that is in CVS has gone through the proper IP process
  • Capability definitions for all projects?
    • Rich to send out info and wiki page containing initial proposed structure (here)
  • Modeling packaging project
    • Work ongoing, though slowly
  • All aboard for Ganymede
    • All those interested in being on the "train" need to be configured by M4
  • MDDi project lead change
    • Discussed 3 topics: scope, committers, and code. Proposal to move forward is to redefine the scope with updated project proposal, clean up the code situation (IP concerns), and clean up the committer list. Proposal to be sent to PMC, which will decide on future (e.g. will MDDi be a project, or component within GMT?) Scope will be tightened to focus in integration of MDD tools, particularly with non-Eclipse tools. ETA of updated proposal: before next PMC call.
    • Rich to look into process to formalize Tom Ritter being MDDi project lead. (done)
  • Location of Ecore, UML search plug-ins
    • If separate features and build downloads are provided by dedicated (contributed) committer, including within MDT itself is fine.
  • Scope of Tools components in MDT
    • Related to item above, with resolution that MDT tools should include additional capabilities, but with resources and necessary separation of features/packagin
  • Graduation of EMFT components (scope of EMFT?)

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