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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2006-07-18


From last time, we need to follow up on the proposed structuring. Ed, Kenn and Jean (during ECOOP) have indicated they are in favor.

Other items to discuss:

  • Compuware's proposal for M2M
  • M2T project formation
  • Migration: still need to request newsgroup and bugzilla changes... What else?
  • Board/Council meetings topics:
    • EclipseCon 2007
    • Committer community health
    • Build summit


On the call today:


  • Ed Merks (in the dark)
  • Richard Gronback
  • Kenn Hussey
  • Fred Plante
  • Jean Bezivin
  • Sebastien Demathieu


  • None!

Discussion points:

  • The overall structure as proposed earlier is approved as a starting point for Modeling. [Rich] will work on updating the website to reflect.
  • MDT will need a project proposal. [Kenn] as proposed lead will start work on this.
  • M2T interested parties (JET and oAW xPand) are discussing a project proposal and other interested parties should contact Marcus and Paul.
  • Infrastructure changes need to be completed for modeling (CVS, newsgroup, bugzilla). [Rich] will initiate a thread to discuss the details and timeline for migration.
  • Per Foundation request, we all will look at our committer lists to identify inactive committers for revocation of rights, if appropriate.
  • Nick and Max should communicate before and after "buildmaster summit" to ensure we're moving toward a consolidated Modeling build infrastructure.

[Rich and Ed] to ping Max and Nick.

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