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The Modeling Amalgamation Project (just amalgam for short) will provide improved packaging, integration, and usability of Modeling project components.


Amalgam used to provide several packages dedicated to different profiles of users but is now focusing on providing one package easy to starts with and easy to extend.

Eclipse Modeling Package

The Eclipse Modeling Package is a base and sound platform one can rely on for development tasks leveraging the modeling technologies. The Package is focusing on EMF and its complementary frameworks and tools : we call that the "base platform". That said the modeling community is way more diverse than that and provides complete IDE's for dedicated langages. Those are provided through the discovery UI.

Base Platform

The base platform is a complete Eclipse SDK + Modeling Frameworks, it is intended ot be extended by components from the discovery UI. 

To ease adoption the base platform will be kept as small as possible and the whole package should not get bigger than 250Mb.

To be part of the base platform a component should fulfill the following requirements :

  • alow UI profile (only a few actions, no perspectives..)
  • small (including non-packaged dependencies)
  • being a complementary framework to EMF or a tool with a fairly small focus.
  • being already adopted by the community at large
  • part of the simultaneous release and fulfilling all therelease train requirements
  • not being in incubation (NEW INDIGO)

Your component will be removed from the base platform if :

  • there is no consumable builds
  • major integration issues arenot addressed


We are trying to ease discovery of modeling components through a discovery ui easing installation of those. The discovery is here to help you attract more users and get more feedback, as such it's as open as possible, If you want to be part of it, just ask through a bugzilla. The only requirement are

  • being an Eclipse project and following the Eclipse Development Process
  • testing your contribution

You're not required to be part of the release train though it makes collaboration easier with other projects. Projects can also provide early adopters versions, the user will be informed of this status when selecting the component.

Your component will be removed from the discovery UI if :

  • its installation is failing
  • major integration issues are not adressed

Being part of the discovery one year doesn't mean you'll be part of it the year after, we'll just make sure to notify you. 

If you want to be part of the discovery, file a bug here.


In order to assess what is required from Amalgam in its mission to improve packaging, integration, and usability, a series of package reviews will be performed. Reviews will lead to the creation of bugs to be assigned to either a Modeling project/component, or to the Amalgam project to improve integration and functionality offered by the package. Below are the list of package milestone reviews completed to date:


Snapshot / 8 June 2010 =


Number of Downloads:

  • SR1 : 102 734
  • SR2 : 55380

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