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Model to Text (M2T)

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The Model to Text (M2T) project has the following components

  • M2T Core - APIs for invoking M2T components, independent of language
  • M2T Shared - components shared by M2T language components
  • M2T-JET - the JET template language
  • M2T-XPand - The XPand template language
  • M2T-MTL - the Model to Text Language (the OMG standard)


Committer Meetings

The M2T project will attempt to hold regular (monthly) committer telephone conferences.

Call Information
Conference ID 1556241
Local Dial-in number 613-787-5018
Toll-free Dial-in number 1 866-842-3549
International Toll-free Dial-in number 800-4444-7070
Information 1 866 224-5844

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