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Model to Text (M2T)

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The Model to Text (M2T) project focuses on the generation of textual artifacts from models. Its purpose is threefold:

  1. Provide implementations of industry standard and defacto Eclipse standard model-to-text engines
  2. Provide exemplary development tools for these languages
  3. Provide common infrastructure for this languages.


M2T 0.8


Main projects:

  1. Xpand
  2. JET
  3. Acceleo

For an up to date list of components, see:


  • M2T Ganymede Release (June 2008)
  • M2T Europa Release (June 2007) - Complete
  • M2T Meetings -- regular (monthly) committer telephone conferences

Documentation & Assistance

Newsgroups / Mailing Lists

Have a question? Try the FAQ for your individual component. If that doesn't help, chances are your question has been answered in the newsgroup.



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