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Minutes of the JEE 5 Working Group meeting Dec 07, 2006

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Teleconference on JEE 5 Support in WTP Dec 07, 2006


  • Rob Frost
  • Naci Dai
  • Paul Fullbright
  • Chuck Bridgham
  • Chris Brealey (IBM)
  • Brian Vosburgh
  • Neil Hauge
  • Shaun Smith
  • Karen Moore
  • Kaloyan Raev
  • Hristo Sabev

and more....


  • Common utilities and Annotation Support [Chuck, Neil]
  • JEE 5 namespace support for deployment descriptors
  • EMF 2 XML
  • How to be JEE5 friendly - tolerating JEE5 style projects and extensions [Kaloyan]
  • JAX-WS [Chris]
  • Review plan items


  • <Naci D> - Chuck and Neil do we have any progress on evaluating the potantial of extracting common utilities from Dali?
  • <Chuck B> - Not yet, not in M4 - Probably by M5. It is too late to look at it for M4
  • <Naci D> - What is min for next week ?
  • <Chuck B> - SAP patch for JEE5 is possible, but I don't want to do it because it alters a lot of classes to add JEE 5 namespace and support. I would realy like to do it phases, and as extensions. First phase would be ejb3 facets (like a utility project maybe?) and target a server. We can start from that and add deployment descriptor support alter. We can create a new facet and make deployment descriptors optional and we can start investigation of what else is needed.
  • <Rob F> - In BEA we were outlining some milestones for JEE 5 support and this is what we planned also. JEE5 Facets and Project wizards. This will be the minimum and will help WTP stay out of the way of adopters who will extend it with JEE 5 support.
  • <Chuck B> - I have a bugzilla open 167101 [[1]] - I will target EJB3 facets to M4. This is achivable. And add things like validation later and link it to another bug (validation fix 167097) [[2]]. We can start with disabling current validators.
  • <Naci D> - I support this. This also answers JBoss IDE requirements that were voiced last week.
  • <Rob F> - That works for us
  • <Kaloyan Raev> - We also would like better extension points for the JEE5 model. With the existing model, It was too difficult to build extensions.
  • <Rob F> - What is your timing for Web facets (2.5)
  • <Chuck B> - Don't know. What do we expect from them?
  • <Rob F> - We want to create projects and do similar for web and other stuff
  • <Chuck B> - Lot of this work can be done in different plugins as extensions and done in time maybe by M5. Some model changes easier but I don't have the time and resources to do it by M4
  • <Naci D> - This sounds like a good plan. We add EJB 3 facets and project by M4, add Add web facets by M5 and handle deployment descriptors with JEE 5 namespaces.
  • <Rob F> - So, the first cut will be without annotation injection into the deployment descriptors?
  • <Chuck B> - Yes, just XML stuff.
  • <Rob F> - So M5 is some model no annotation injection, and try to achieve things by M5/M6?
  • <Naci D> - We should be careful not to commit too much, we don't have the time. Only M5/M6 left to do any work and that is not too far away.
  • <Chuck B> - Yes, our goals should be to open things and not get in the way, allow people to add it.
  • <Rob F> - Model support would be our min bar for us. What you suggested would not be blocker for us.. As longs as we can do that - we could be fine
  • <Chuck B> - I have an EJB facet and playing with it. Facet is there, it picks lot of the existing support - It mostly works, but we need to be careful we don't want to fool actions that it is the wrong version.
  • <Naci D> - I think we have a plan for WTP 2.0, facets and basic model support for JEE5 without annotation injection.
  • <Chuck B> - There must be some server support
  • <Naci D> - Tomcat 6 & Glassfish supports JEE5. Tim says they have not looked into it yet.
  • <Chuck B> - There is Glassfish with JEE 5 reference implementation.
  • <Shaun S> -Oracle will also have support for EJB 3/JPA. We will have server support for it (Oracle AS in WTP 2.0 M4 [[3]].
  • <Naci D> - Back to the agenda, what is our story of EMF 2 XML?
  • <Chuck B> - Current Emf 2 Xml restriction and bugzilla items providing fixes - There were comments to contribute by next milestone. We do not have commitment for resources by M5
  • <Naci D> - Neil, have done anything in DALI for EMF 2 XML?
  • <Neil H> - No
  • <Karen M> - The bugzilla patch is there. He is looking for feedback from WTP committers.
  • <Naci D> - We should review it by next week (Chuck action item)
  • <Naci D> - Can the adopters, for example SAP, tell us what they expect for extension points from JEE5 models
  • <Hristo S> - Extensions for JEE5 model - Good set of extensions for example providers for nodes in tree structure (node in a project node etc.)
  • <Naci D> - Do uou have a document you can share with us?
  • <Kaloyan R> - I can share the architectural document when we are ready in a bugzilla item.
  • <Rob F> -For extension point ideas - no concrete ideas yet... As long as there is general mechanism to augment the model we should be fine. We should have the capability to have the extensions by WTP2.0
  • <Chuck B> - This is important to get in place by WTP2.0, not sure how much we can contribute.
  • <??> - When do we expect these ext points to be called
  • <Chuck B> - Don't know yet. We will wait and see SAP use cases.
  • <Rob F> -I imagine probably ours will be the same use-cases. Is there a milestone target
  • <Chuck B> - M5/M6.
  • <Naci D> - Chris can you comment on JAX-WS support for WTP. Chris detailed his response in a comment to last weeks minutes. You can read it there too.
  • <Chris B> - Basically we do not have much, and do not plan do much by WTP 2.0. We do not know what facets are needed. We do not have Sun jars yet. We do not have much to see what is needed. One way to measure it by tools in WTP. We have Tools to create / explore WS, and project explorer. Not much needed for runtimes. Maybe explorer extensible for new breeds of web service provider and clients. (JSR 109 like). Web Service explorer is massive and does not know soap 1.2 not in there yet. Mostly enablement. Any tooling

mus have a runtime, there are 3 that I know that supports jax-ws: glassfish, axis2++, celtixfire. We are working to have axis2 in wtp but axis2 is not jax-ws. axis2 has its own architecture, there is a proposal for axis2 to add jax-ws. Testing is another issue our test tools won't work yet.

  • <Hristo S> - We have done some work for Jax-WS we have it working with WTP and have some workarounds. The only problems we have are with the WS explorer. Otherwise it was easy. We support SAP JAX-WS runtime.
  • <Naci D> - How about JAX-WS Annotations?
  • <Chris B> -We haven't done anything. That needs jar, and classes. We have not delved into this yet. You need a runtime.
  • <Hristo S> - At the moment we have a JAX-WS EMF model from schemas, and we build an annotation model, and adapt them. We have some progress for annotations. We can consider contributing them. It is not SAP specific models.
  • <Chris B> -Sounds very promising. I would like know more about them.
  • <Hristo S> - Proxy class depends on our runtime, but we generate adapters for JAX-RPC
  • <Chris B> -We did smt similar originally for axis. For JSPs. When we generate axis client we also generate a conv. bean that can be used by JSP.
  • <Naci D> - There is a separate WTP working group for Axis2
  • <Chris B> -Yes,we will discuss Jax-ws at the Axis2 working group.
  • <Naci D> - Can we say No JAX-WS in Wtp 2.0?
  • <Chris B> -We will not prevent adopters from doing it, but we will only do axis2.
  • <Chuck B> - May I remind you to mark your bugzilla items with WTP 2.0 M5 target. Especially the design documents for extensions and JEE5 models.
  • <Naci D> - Thank you and we will meet again next week


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