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Minutes of Community Calls/COSMOS 1.0 Archive

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Iteration 13

Iteration 12

Iteration 11

Questions from Jimmy @ CA

  1. Are Data Managers hard-coded in the UI?
    The UI does not hard-code the list of data managers. The list of data managers is provided by the data broker. The COSMOS UI queries the data broker to get this list. Information such as the mdrid, display name and supported services is provided for each data manager in the list. The COSMOS UI interprets this information to determine if the data manager is a MDR, statistical datamanager, logging datamanager or a MDR that supports registration services. Based on these categories the COSMOS UI adds the appropriate menu options(e.g. register/deregister CI, submit query, view meta data, etc.) to the navigation node that represents the data manager or MDR.
  2. Security namespaces are now in the Broker?
  3. Toolkit code generator needs to add stub config files in the project?
    It already does. That defect was completed in i12.
  4. Comment: Register all Data Managers now works as part of 233690.
  5. Comment: i12 E2E will be the same and we will need to ensure these ERs work

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