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(Minutes from Meeting of September 6th 10:00 - 11:00 (BST))
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= Minutes from Meeting of September 6th 10:00 - 11:00 (BST) =
= Minutes from Meeting of September 13th 10:00 - 11:00 (BST) =
== In Attendance ==
== In Attendance ==

Latest revision as of 10:49, 13 September 2007

Minutes from Meeting of September 13th 10:00 - 11:00 (BST)

In Attendance

  • Adrian Skehill (IONA)
  • Adrian Mos (INRIA)
  • Johnson Ma (IONA)
  • Jonathan Huang (IONA)
  • Denny Xu (IONA)


Oising Hurley (IONA)

Meeting Summary

Meeting opened with Adrian S. to take minutes.

Adrian outlined progress on Hybrid Model. He explained a Contribution Questionaire (CQ) has now been filled up and the eclipse legal team will review the actual files in due course. Once they have approved the model we will be adding it in directly as a component within the STP project (subject to PMC approval of the new project components). Adrian Mos replied that he would be very happy to have it as a component within eclipse and would give it much higher visibility in the project.

Denny explained that he had now completed cleaning up the STP web pages so they all looked and feeled according to the eclipse standard. He will now begin to work on cleaning up the front page once the final mock-up is circulated on the alias.

Johnson outlined the work he has done on the runtime refactoring for 0.7.0 milestone and the new features it will containe. This included:

  • Integration with runtime now much cleaner, no need to install separate plugins
  • Runtime deployment piece now based on Server Framework from WTP
  • Newly contributed Policy Editor
  • A number of default runtimes set up
  • Removed dependency on DTP
  • STP All in one will be available for those who would like to get up and running quickly

We still are waiting on the approval of some sun jars which means we wont be able to distribute everything from the update site. An additional update-site to host these jars will be created and hosted by IONA while we're awaiting the final approval to commit these jars to the orbit project.

Adrian Skehill asked if a user were to iinstall the STP, how far along would they get. Johnson replied that they will still need to install a runtime in order to get code generators, but it should be much simpler to configure it.

The plan is to build an I build for Monday next week and to begin testing it. All going well, we will release it as an S-Build later this week.

Adrian Skehill outlined he was continuing to work on the Buckminster proposal but was running into problems building / compiling our plugins using it so was not in a a position to publish just yet. But the Buckminster team are being very helpful, and we're very nearly there in getting a POC build up and running.

Planning for 0.8.0 Milestone will begin next week.

Meeting closed.


New Actions

No new actions from this meeting

Remaining issues from previous meetings

  1. "Johnson to setup cruise control"
  2. "Adrian S. to produce proposal on Buckminster / SVN Migration"
  3. "Oisin to identify incubation process"
  4. "Oisin to discuss status of STP Core with PMC"

Closed from previous meetings

  1. "Oisin to send on link to stp-dev on Swordfish"
  2. "Adrian M. to send on samples for hybrid model"
  3. "Adrian S. to triage open bugs and publish list"
  4. "David B. to produce documentation on the Policy Editor"
  5. "Oisin & Adrian to produce proposal on STP Web site structure"
  6. "Jonathan to get Tusccany API jars into IPZilla"




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