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Minutes from meeting on Nov 29th


  1. Gerry Preisler
  2. Andrei Sharkin
  3. Oisin Hurley
  4. Adrian Skehill


  1. Johnson Ma


Meeting opened with Adrian nominating himself to take minutes.

Jerry explained he was having problem getting ssh access from work and would have to follow up with the webmaster at eclipse. During a brief discussion on the status of the ipzilla entry for the policy editor, he agreed to raise new bugzilla entries for files which needed to be reviewed separately by the eclipse team and remove them from svn

Adrian spoke about plans for the new build system and introduced Alex Chen who is coming up to speed on buckminster and will be developing the new build system over the coming weeks.

Andrei asked if this new build transparent to the committers? Adrian explained it would be about 90% transparent - there may be some small impact on your plugins. He said there will be a more technical demonstration so encourage everybody to maintain the builds as we need to have some way to share the build responsibilities

Adrian talked about his proposed usability week and explained that he had done a number of presentations. People are very interested but have problems getting the right plugins together, in using it and this is affecting adoption aversely. So he's suggesting we take a week out to clear out some barrier bugs rather than just continuing development. tutorial content, video, web site etc. could be a good way for new people to get their feet wet etc.

Jerry thought this was a very good idea to give outsiders better access to STP and we should look at improving documentation in that context. He suggested we make a list of that we *should* have, maybe create bugzilla entries.

Adrian said we'd create a wiki page to track what should be done.

Andrei asked about prioritizing of bugzilla entries and Adrian agreed to do that.

Oising gave a quick overview of upcoming events, in particular Adrian Mos would be attending Javaoplis and our submissions to eclipsecon. He also said we have http access to the repo now and the URL has been circulated to the dev list.

Gerry spoke about their follow on call to discuss the integration of the two policy editors. The minutes are now on the wiki and it was a good conference call on policy. Planning to start ASAP! once all the committers and ssh access stuff in place.

There was some discussion around the new strictness of in blocking ip addresses if it thinks there is an attack. Jerry suggested that the IP address only be blocked for an hour. Oisin thought that was a good suggestion and said he would brding it to the eclipse planning council.

Meeting closed.

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