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Minutes from Meeting of August 30th 10:00 - 11:00 (BST)

In Attendance

  • Adrian Skehill (IONA)
  • Oisin Hurley (IONA)
  • Adrian Mos (INRIA)
  • Johnson Ma (IONA)
  • Jonathan Huang (IONA)

Meeting Summary

Meeting opened with Adrian S. nominated to take minutes.

Adrian Mos gave an update on the changes to the Hybrid Intermediate model. Based on feedback from stp-dev and from an call on Monday, Adrian presented the changes to the model. Full details are available at [1].The main areas that are affected are the addition of support for bindings, creating of a root element and removal of some redundant items. Adrian Skehill asked about the location as he would like to have the model present in the CVS repo in order for other components to begin investigating an integration with it. Oisin agreed to follow up to identify an incubation process for this model and other incoming contributions.

We discussed the usage of the model and agreed that it would be optional for other components to have to use it. However, as good citizens in the STP project they should consider its adoption, particularly if end users / developers of the STP need to have meta-data shared between two editors. Oisin said it will be the responsibility of the PMC to issue guidelines for its usages once we get it into the STP. Johnson asked whether it should live in the Core. Oisin felt that it would not be suitable there given that it's not technically core, and its usage would be optional. Adrian Skehill asked if it should replace core, but Oisin felt for the same reasons as earlier, that it should be a separate component whose usage is optional, therefore not part of core.

A discussion followed on the STP Core. Oisin felt that the core was now out of date, not live and needs to be re-examined. Oisin took an action to raise this issue with the PMC.

On the Buckminster proposal, Adrian Skehill explained that he hadn't got a chance to get this published and will have it ready for next weeks meeting.

On the website update, Adrian stated that there was some work done on a new site design and layout and was waiting back on some images that he would then forward onto the stp-dev for discussion. There were also a number of areas of the STP website that do not comply to current eclipse look and feel, and that once we got agreement on the front page, other component leads will need to follow up to ensure their content complies to the eclipse style guidelines.

Johnson & Jonathan explained about their updates to support the SCA 1.0 / Tuscany 0.91. This did not impact the core, it now means we are capable of deploying work to the latest version of the Tuscany runtime. Oisin asked if we need to get the Tuscany API jars into IP Zilla, and Jonathan agreed to take on the task of getting the jars into IPZilla for review. Oisin agreed to follow up and raise awareness within the eclipse legal team of the requests.

Adrian presented an overview of the bugs in bugzilla. This has been outlined in an email to the stp-dev alias. The consensus was:

  • All STP Core bugs will be marked as WONTFIX given its current status in the STP
  • Any bugs assigned to non-active committers will be re-assigned to the component owners


New Actions

  1. "Oisin to identify incubation process"
  2. "Oisin to discuss status of STP Core with PMC"
  3. "Jonathan to get Tusccany API jars into IPZilla"

Remaining issues from previous meetings

  1. "Adrian S. to produce proposal on Buckminster / SVN Migration"
  2. "David B. to produce documentation on the Policy Editor"
  3. "Oisin & Adrian to produce proposal on STP Web site structure"

Closed from previous meetings

  1. "Oisin to send on link to stp-dev on Swordfish"
  2. "Adrian M. to send on samples for hybrid model"
  3. "Adrian S. to triage open bugs and publish list"


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