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Minutes from Meeting of September 20th 10:00 - 11:00 (BST)

In Attendance

  • Adrian Skehill (IONA)
  • Jerry Preissler (Sopera)
  • Andrei Shakirin (Sopera)
  • Oisin Hurley (IONA)
  • Chandra Jain


  • Adrian Mos (INRIA)
  • Johnson Ma (IONA)

Meeting Summary

Meeting opened with Adrian S. nominated to take minutes.

Adrian opened the meeting with a review of the Agenda and asked Oisin to talk some more around the Incubation Status of the STP. Oisin explained by becoming a conforming incubation project there was some significant advantages when it came to the eclipse legal process surrounding the contribution of code. As an incubating project we would be able to avail of the parallel IP process whereby code could be checked in straight away. There are a number of areas that we need to chase up on to get our project compliant. Adrian agreed to look into the build system and ensure that the artifacts that we produce and the labeling of the built project would have the word "incubator" in them. He explained that it shouldn't be too difficult to do and would come back to the alias with a costing.

It was agreed that we should aim for the project to be incubation compliant by the Europa fall release. Oisin also outlined we should ensure that our dependencies are using the milestone builds that other teams are publishing towards the update.

The meeting then moved to focus on the planning for the 0.8 release. Oisin felt that it would probably be better to take a step back and consider a road map for the various milestone releases up to a 1.0 release. He also explained that we should continue to develop our own Incubator which some of the new components could go into, that way they would not have to immediately sync up with the STP release schedule. Jerry thought this was a good idea as he felt the WS-Policy editor would not be ready to ship with STP for a while, and keeping it away from the main release schedule would allow him to develop out the functionality.

Andrei asked about the plans around integrating the policy editor with the deployment pieces. Adrian answered that there were no concrete plans around it at this time. Oisin agreed to kick off an email thread on stp-dev to get all those interested to participate.

Jerry explained that he had a number of thoughts around what their (Sopera) initial work would be in the STP and asked what would be the best way to publish it. Adrian and Oisin felt that publishing the content to an STP wiki page then mailing the stp-dev alias would be the best way to get started.

Andrei asked what our plans were around the refactoring of the deployment framework. Adrian explained that Johnson had published a wiki page outlining the current work and that most of this had been completed. There were no immediate plans on the table at this point and any input they had would be most welcome.

Adrian said that as part of the 0.8 planning he would do a scan of the bugs in bugzilla and identify those that should be tackled in the near time frame. Oisin also agreed to follow up the sub project leads to get their input into what would happen for the 0.8 release and for additional contributions to the 1.0 road map.

On the topic of SVN migration, Adrian explained that he had circulated a proposal on the newsgroup and dev list about migrating the source over to a subversion repository. Jerry wanted to make sure that this would not cause any access problems, and agreed to take a look at the buckminster project in eclipse (which is hosted in subversion) to make sure there would be no difficulty accessing the repository.

Chandra asked if there was any plans to to provide some examples similar to that of Tuscany for end to end SCA use cases. From a new user point of view he thought that some introductory material would really help in getting to understand the STP. Adrian explained that there wasn't any plans, but this was a good suggestion and that he would follow this up to see if we could get some example material presented on our web pages. Adrian nominated Johnson in his absence to see what we could do.

Meeting closed.


New Actions

  1. "Update build system to indicate incubation status"
  2. "Produce end to end use case for SCA"

Remaining issues from previous meetings

  1. "Johnson to setup cruise control"
  2. "Oisin to identify incubation process"
  3. "Oisin to discuss status of STP Core with PMC"

Closed from previous meetings

  1. "Oisin to send on link to stp-dev on Swordfish"
  2. "Adrian M. to send on samples for hybrid model"
  3. "Adrian S. to triage open bugs and publish list"
  4. "David B. to produce documentation on the Policy Editor"
  5. "Oisin & Adrian to produce proposal on STP Web site structure"
  6. "Jonathan to get Tusccany API jars into IPZilla"
  7. "Adrian S. to produce proposal on Buckminster / SVN Migration"

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