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===I-Card Manager===
===I-Card Manager===
* Implement new I-Card Manager design in draft. [ 173739] [[ | SergeiY]]
===RPPS Web Service===
===RPPS Web Service===

Revision as of 09:31, 1 March 2007

Milestone 0.7: Apr 15


  • Revert all Higgins interfaces back to Java 1.4
  • We'll have all components necessary to demonstrate functional equivalence with Microsoft CardSpace(TM) client. Implications:
    • Begin testing interoperability with RPs and IdPs that work with CardSpace
    • (We have already demonstrated the ability to create a IdP/STS that works with CardSpace)
  • Start work on ISS Client UI



I-Card Manager

RPPS Web Service

  • Getting the RP Protocol Support Service running on an Tomcat AS. 170082 SergeiY


  • IdAS Registry refactoring 175630 163366
  • Refactor update operations 167978
    • Add methods for creating attribute values 163428
    • Make create*() methods consistent 163429
    • Go through each operation and document what atomicity means for each 171290
  • Invent string format for IFilter 171328
  • Change to use JAAS-like callback; get rid of 'getOpenPolicy' (subsumed by callback handlers and interactions) 164048
  • De-evolve IdAS interfaces to Java 1.4 171293

IdAS Context providers

  • Jena-based provider (uses HSQLDB) [80% done] [waiting on IPzilla] 152856 SergeyL

I-Card Registry

I-Card Providers


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