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Milestone 1.0M7

Revision as of 11:42, 7 December 2006 by (Talk | contribs) (ISS Web UI)

Milestone 0.7: Feb 15


  • First working code
  • Jan's (IBM Zurich) team plans to contribute code to this component and to the (Firefox) HBX component. Jan's team's code implements most of the card selection user interface in HBX (in XUL) and supports this on the back end in the ISS Web UI component.

I-Card Selector Service

  • First working code

I-Card Providers

  • CardSpaceCard
    • Integrated with STS and IdAS
  • IdAS Card


  1. Startup processing
    1. Discovery of and/or connecting to a Higgins service endpoint URL
      • Explore optional use of XRI and/or i-names (community or top level)
    2. 1st time: Provisioning of user account on Higgins service
    3. 1st time: Display and user acceptance of Higgins service's Terms of Service (TOS)
    4. Nth time: Authentication to user account on Higgins service
    5. Background processing of screen-scrape jobs
  2. Update the HBX doc (e.g. target protocols (e.g. OpenID), non-pluggable assumption)
  3. For RSS-P: RP site i-card issuance 152861
  4. OpenID-H support
    • Collaborate on OpenID 2.0 "-H" protocol extension

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