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Milestone 1.0M7

Revision as of 16:02, 9 November 2006 by (Talk | contribs) (To Do)

Milestone 0.7: Feb 15


  • First working code

I-Card Selector Service

  • First working code

I-Card Providers

  • CardSpaceCard
  • RSSCard
  • HTMTCard


  1. Startup processing
    1. Discovery of and/or connecting to a Higgins service endpoint URL
      • Explore optional use of XRI and/or i-names (community or top level)
    2. 1st time: Provisioning of user account on Higgins service
    3. 1st time: Display and user acceptance of Higgins service's Terms of Service (TOS)
    4. Nth time: Authentication to user account on Higgins service
    5. Background processing of screen-scrape jobs
  2. Update the HBX doc (e.g. target protocols (e.g. OpenID), non-pluggable assumption)
  3. For RSS-P: RP site i-card issuance 152861
  4. OpenID-H support
    • Collaborate on OpenID 2.0 "-H" protocol extension

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