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(Overall architecture, documentation, project management, deployment)
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# OpenID-H support
# OpenID-H support
#* Collaborate on OpenID 2.0 "-H" protocol extension
#* Collaborate on OpenID 2.0 "-H" protocol extension
#* Begin implementation

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Milestone 0.6: November 30

Overall architecture, documentation, project management, deployment

  1. Automated nightly builds of each Higgins component 157065


  1. Startup processing
    1. Discovery of and/or connecting to a Higgins service endpoint URL
      • Explore optional use of XRI and/or i-names (community or top level)
    2. 1st time: Provisioning of user account on Higgins service
    3. 1st time: Display and user acceptance of Higgins service's Terms of Service (TOS)
    4. Nth time: Authentication to user account on Higgins service
    5. Background processing of screen-scrape jobs
  2. Update the HBX doc (e.g. target protocols (e.g. OpenID), non-pluggable assumption)
  3. For RSS-P: RP site i-card issuance 152861
  4. OpenID-H support
    • Collaborate on OpenID 2.0 "-H" protocol extension


  1. ISS Web UI
    • Jan's (IBM Zurich) team plans to contribute code to this component and to the (Firefox) HBX component. Jan's team's code implements most of the i-card selection user interface in HBX (in XUL) and supports this on the back end in the ISS Web UI component.
  2. I-Card Selector Service (ISS)
    • We have an initial API. Jan's team will flesh out the documentation of this interface (and create javadoc for such?)
    • Begin initial implementation 160408
  3. I-Card Registry
    • We have an initial API already. Could Greg contribute an initial cut at this registry?
    • Design and implement I-Card Registry 160410
    • Continue work on I-Card Provider API 160375
    • OpenID I-Card Provider
    • CardSpace I-Card Provider
      • We need to continue to flesh out this API
      • Mike needs an implementation in order to integrate with the Token Service (STS)
    • RSS-P I-Card Provider
    • Persona I-Card Provider
  4. Token Service
    • Interop with (in progress) 152872 <-- need to reword this
    • Token Provider
      • Self-signed SAML 1.1 160413 [under development]
      • Username / password 160414 [under development]


  1. IdAS Registry implementation [in progress by Greg]
  2. IdAS API: schema create/retreive methods 160412
  3. IdAS unit tests (.higgins.idas.test) [Waiting for factory instantiation mechanism] 153208
  4. Start work on remote interfaces
  5. IdAS Context providers
    • Jena-based provider (uses HSQLDB) [80% done] 852856
    • XML file-based provider [in progress]
    • LDAP-based provider [in progress]

i-card manager

  1. Remove hard-coded HTML profile edit/view pages [in progress] 152860

RP Enablement

  1. Begin spec/scoping work

IIW Reference Application Demo

Both the Higgins and Bandit projects will be doing a demonstration at the Internet Identity Workshop on December 4-6th.

The Bandit project works together with the Higgins project on several similar goals. I orginally created the outline of the IIW demo on the bandit project site to show how Higgins and Bandit work together. In the last Higgins call it was decided to move the Higgins specific goals and tasks to the Higgins project wiki. For more information about what Bandit is doing beyond the Higgins part of the reference application click here.

This demo will focus on how Higgins interacts in a Microsoft Card Space client environment. A replying party will be enabled to allow Card Space login. The Card Space client will be configured via a managed card to talk to the Higgins STS that then can retrieve identity data via the Higgins Idas layer from other Identity Providers (LDAP). If there is time it would be good to show how the Higgins Identity Selector and i-Cards work in a non Microsft Environment.


1) Card Space integration

  • Higgins Managed Identity Provider
  • Windows identity selection

2) Higgins Integration

  • STS - we are planning on integrating the STS with Card Space so that the windows client can send a token to the relying party with authenitication and identity data from an IdP (see Idas below)
  • Non Windows identity selection

Relying Party

The focus will be on enabling Media Wiki to be able to accept a Info Card that comes from the Higgin STS.
1) Apache/Media wiki Integration

  • accepting Higgins/Cardspace tokens for authentication and identity data


1) IdP Integration

  • LDAP

The task list and plan for accomplishing this demo are located here.

On hold pending resolution of licensing issues

  1. Approval to redistribute Jena libraries
  2. H5-11-03 B UpdateGraph() algorithm: updating graph g from context c at time t
  3. [H5-11-04] Demo app: Using JUNG in a separate Swing (not SWT) window to render the graph generated/updated by H5-11-03 B

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