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#* Interop with (in progress) [ 152872] <-- need to reword this
#* Interop with (in progress) [ 152872] <-- need to reword this
#* Token Provider
#* Token Provider
#** Self-signed SAML 1.1 [under development]
#** Self-signed SAML 1.1 [ 160413] [under development]
#** Username / password [under development]
#** Username / password [ 160414] [under development]

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Overall architecture, documentation, project management, deployment

  1. Automated daily builds of each Higgins component 157065


  1. Startup processing
    1. Discovery of and/or connecting to a Higgins service endpoint URL
      • Explore optional use of XRI and/or i-names (community or top level)
    2. 1st time: Provisioning of user account on Higgins service
    3. 1st time: Display and user acceptance of Higgins service's Terms of Service (TOS)
    4. Nth time: Authentication to user account on Higgins service
    5. Background processing of screen-scrape jobs
  2. Update the HBX doc (e.g. target protocols (e.g. OpenID), non-pluggable assumption)
  3. For RSS-P: RP site i-card issuance 152861
  4. OpenID-H support
    • Collaborate on OpenID 2.0 "-H" protocol extension
    • Begin implementation


  1. ISS Web UI
    • Jan's (IBM Zurich) team plans to contribute code to this component and to the (Firefox) HBX component. Jan's team's code implements most of the i-card selection user interface in HBX (in XUL) and supports this on the back end in the ISS Web UI component.
  2. I-Card Selector Service (ISS)
    • We have an initial API. Jan's team will flesh out the documentation of this interface (and create javadoc for such?)
    • Begin initial implementation 160408
  3. I-Card Registry
    • We have an initial API already. Could Greg contribute an initial cut at this registry?
    • Design and implement I-Card Registry 160410
    • Continue work on I-Card Provider API 160375
    • OpenID I-Card Provider
    • CardSpace I-Card Provider
      • We need to continue to flesh out this API
      • Mike needs an implementation in order to integrate with the Token Service (STS)
    • RSS-P I-Card Provider
    • Persona I-Card Provider
  4. Token Service
    • Interop with (in progress) 152872 <-- need to reword this
    • Token Provider
      • Self-signed SAML 1.1 160413 [under development]
      • Username / password 160414 [under development]


  1. IdAS Registry implementation [in progress by Greg]
  2. IdAS API: schema create/retreive methods 160412
  3. IdAS unit tests (.higgins.idas.test) [Waiting for factory instantiation mechanism] 153208
  4. Start work on remote interfaces
  5. IdAS Context providers
    • Jena-based provider (uses HSQLDB) [80% done] 852856
    • XML file-based provider [in progress]
    • LDAP-based provider [in progress]

i-card manager

  1. Remove hard-coded HTML profile edit/view pages [in progress] 152860

RP Enablement

  1. Begin spec/scoping work

On hold pending resolution of licensing issues

  1. H5-11-03 B UpdateGraph() algorithm: updating graph g from context c at time t
  2. [H5-11-04] Demo app: Using JUNG in a separate Swing (not SWT) window to render the graph generated/updated by H5-11-03 B

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