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Milestone 0.5

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  1. Overall architecture, documentation, project management, deployment
    1. Improve architecture documentation including documentation of runtime and deployment assumptions
    2. Use case compilation
      • IdAS use cases (we have 5 or so)
      • ISS use cases (we can write up 2-3 variants)
    3. Use Bugzilla for features and bugs [done]
    4. Define project/working relationship with Microsoft on CardSpace-related issues [partial]
    5. Define project/working relationship with OSIS [partial]
  2. IdAS
    1. API design and implementation (version 0.5)
      • New Context Provider Programming Interface (CPI) [in progress]
      • IdAS Registry implementation [partial]
      • (153208) IdAS unit tests (.higgins.idas.test) [Waiting for factory instantiation mechanism]
    2. Context Providers
      • (852856) EODM(or Jena)-based provider (optionally uses HSQLDB for persistence) [80% done]
      • XML file-based provider
      • LDAP-based provider [in progress by Novell]
      • Refactor the existing Context providers to use the new interface
  3. ISS
    1. Continue design work on ISS (overview and salient points in wiki, begin Javadoc for details)
    2. Define ISS UI (webapp) API
    3. Define ISS API
    4. Define I-Card Provider Interface
  4. HBX
    1. Update the HBX doc (e.g. target protocols (e.g. OpenID), non-pluggable assumption)
    2. (152852) Improved screen scraping [done]
    3. (152861) For RSS-P: RP site i-card issuance
  5. Legal issues
    1. Javadoc header stuff [resolved]
    2. HBX startup dialog [defered to 0.6]
    3. Source code headers [done]
  6. Token Issuer
    1. (152872) Work towards interop with [partial]
    2. Gather additional requirements for the Higgins Token Issuer (MikeM) [nearly done WRT ALF]
  7. Token Providers
    1. Self-signed SAML 1.1 [under development]
    2. Username / password [under development]
  8. i-card broker/manager webapp
    1. (152858) Bi-directional RSS-P support [done]
    2. (152855) 152855 Better Fill&Scrape sync
    3. Refactoring/cleanup of code
    4. (152860) Remove hard-coded HTML profile edit/view pages [partial]
  9. OpenID support
    1. Work with OpenID community on required changes to Higgins and extensions to OpenID necessary [done]

On hold

  • [H6-02-10] RSS Attribute Provider: Export DigitalSubject to RSS Item: general purpose solution
  • H5-11-22 Get rid of "owner" DigitalSubjects --reimplement using DigitalSubject references
  • H5-11-24 RCP Demo App: Enhancements

On hold pending resolution of licensing issues

  • H5-11-03 B UpdateGraph() algorithm: updating graph g from context c at time t
  • [H5-11-04] Demo app: Using JUNG in a separate Swing (not SWT) window to render the graph generated/updated by H5-11-03 B

See also: Milestone 0.6


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