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Milestone 0.3


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  • H5-11-01 Support for edges (IEdges) that connect IMembers to other IMembers
  • H5-11-03 Reading and writing RDF files with EODM (explore feasibility)
  • H5-11-03 A Adding ValidFrom and ValidTo property pairs to IEdges and IDigitalIdentities/IMembers
  • [H5-12-05] Remove IContext.getMemberMap() and all code that uses it. IContext.getContextMembers() should be used instead
  • [H5-12-06] Remove IContext.{createFacet,addFacet,removeFacet}. All code that uses these should use IContext.{createMember,addMember,removeMember} instead.
  • H6-02-08 Upgrade to the Eclipse EMFT project's version of EMFT.EODM plugin
  • H5-11-07 Refactoring
  • [H6-01-09] Change first argument of a, IContextRef cref) to IDigitalSubject
  • H5-11-23 Integrate ECF's example collab client with Higgins

In progress

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To Do

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