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This page describes the current status of the Mihini agent REST service. The Mihini agent REST exposes agent services by a REST API.


Returned values

Each REST function returns the same value as the function to which it corresponds, except that it is serialized with JSON


See below a list of the current Lua API with their corresponding REST API


Module API REST URL HTTP method HTTP payload
devicetree.get("node.subnode.leaf") devicetree/node/subnode/leaf GET Nothing
devicetree.set("node.subnode.leaf", "myvalue") devicetree/node/subnode/leaf PUT The new value of "node.subnode.leaf" serialiazed with JSON

Application container

Module API REST URL HTTP method HTTP payload
appcon.list() application GET Nothing
appcon.status("id") application/id GET Nothing
appcon.start("id") application/id/start PUT Empty JSON table ({ }) or empty JSON string ""
appcon.stop("id") application/id/stop PUT

Empty JSON table ({ }) or empty JSON string ""

appcon.configure("id", autostart) application/id/configure PUT A boolean value corresponding to "autostart" and serialized with JSON


Module API REST URL URL parameter HTTP method HTTP payload
update.localupdate(path, sync) update/ sync=[0-1] (optional, asynchronous by default) POST The tar archive sent as binary data in a http chunked request
update.getstatus() update/ sync=[0-1] (optional, asynchronous by default) GET Nothing


Everything is configurable in the config store


-- REST related settings
rest = {}
rest.activate = true
rest.port = 8357

Lua shell

$ telnet localhost 2000


Feel free to send your feedbacks on the Mihini mailing list, suggestions for improvements are always welcome

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