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This process is based on the "Push vs Pull" voting process. This process should be used when general consensus cannot be achieved for major decisions. "General consensus" and "major decisions" are not formally defined, but are the result of community discussion.

This process can not override formalized voting processes required by the Eclipse Foundation (ex: Committer votes).


  • Binding votes: Committer votes
  • Non-binding votes: Community votes
  • Quorum: Greater than 50% of MicroProfile committers
  • Super Majority: Two thirds of binding votes
  • Forum: Google group thread. A forum post includes an email address that can uniquely identify a vote.


  • Vote text needs to be easily available, clear and concise, and may not change during the voting period.
  • Voting period is one week in duration. A start date/time and end date/time must be posted.
  • A quorum is required
  • A Super Majority passes the vote
  • Non-binding votes are allowed and encouraged but do not contribute to Quorum or Super Majority


  • Votes
    • Vote text or a link to the vote text must exist as the first item in a Forum thread. Supporting information can also be included.
    • Additional voting clarifications are allowed
  • Forum vote thread
    • Only votes are allowed in a Forum thread with no surperfluous text.
    • Vote discussions must occur on a separate Forum thread.


  • This process does not define what happens if neither a Quorum nor a Super Majority is achieved. This requires additional discussion.
  • A vote summary mechanism is desirable for clarity and posterity.
  • A vote should also identify, by name, the individual voting. This simplifies vote tallying (binding vs non-binding) since an email address may not visually identify a voter (Ex:

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