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Specification Delivery Checklist

This page covers all common rules for deliverables of any specification.

Types of Deliverables

Mandatory deliverables

  • API with Javadocs (source code, javadoc, API JAR artifact, schema files) - defines the contract between the implementation and its consumers
  • A hand-written document - describes the expected behavior and intended usage of the API
  • Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) (source code, JAR artifact, user guide) - provides a test suite to

If the specification doesn't describe Java API, it should deliver an analogous deliverable (e.g. Swagger/OpenAPI REST definitions, JSON/XML schemas or similar).

Optional deliverables

The following can be provided loosely with the specification, before or after it's released:

  • Sample applications (using the new specification)
  • Sample implementation(s)
  • List of compliant implementations

Checklist for deliverables

  • 3rd Party Dependency clearance
    • Each 3rd Party Dependency needs to be identified and cleared for usage. This includes all open-source and commercial software used by our MicroProfile runtime, build, and test processing. More info can be found in 3rd Party Dependency Process
  • Proper license and attribution
    • each file has the same Copyright&License header, a NOTICE file in each repository and deliverable - see more info in Guidelines for contributing
  • Proper maven artifact naming
    • groupId: org.eclipse.microprofile.spec.spec-name for all spec subprojects, org.eclipse.microprofile.subproject-name for other subprojects
    • artifactId: microprofile-<subproject>-<submodule>
    • see more info in Guidelines for contributing
  • Java API

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