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| PDFLeveraging MicroProfile JWT-Auth [EclipseCon France], | Keynote format


[1]MicroProfile: Optimizing Java EE for a Microservices Architecture [Red Hat Summit]

[2] Eclipse MicroProfile [Devoxx US]

[3] MicroProfile (In Japanese)

[4]MicroProfile, Java EE, and the Application Server [InterConnect]

[5]MicroProfile for Microservices [Java Day, Istanbul]

[6]MicroProfile at IBM

[7]Encontro técnico de Outubro 2016 (MicroProfile) [Brazilian Portugese?]


[8] An Introduction to MicroProfile

[9]Introducing MicroProfile [Devoxx, video]

[10]A MicroProfile for MicroServices [Devoxx, video]

[11]MicroProfile Panel [JavaOne, video]

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